Event stage with AV podium and backdrop stage design: decorative wooden podium on the stage.
Event stage with AV podium and backdrop stage design: decorative wooden podium on the stage.

If you are doing event in New York, you are in the right place.  With us you can find a gear you will need to organize booming event for you & your visitors or guests.  Our company installation services provide audiovisual, computer, network, staging and lighting setup as early as next day. The greatest performance of our technical AV and lighting systems designed to suit all your business or personal needs usually is based not only on the high class equipment,

modern and stylish look, but on the quality of our proffesional installation.

Podiums and lecterns, portable stage platforms, stage lighting and sound.

We are offering the highest quality staging, lighting, audiovisual rental services and production solutions. Our designers can provide professional renderings, drawings and floor plans for any event spaces so you can have your set design come alive as it's built to our plan and specification.

Call us for portable stage platforms, presentation podiums, conference stage sets, custom stage backdrops and stage lighting rentals.

Wooden Podiums & Lecterns 

Rent wooden podiums, other podiums and lecterns, for presentation or ceremony in NYC. AV NYC rental services: Wooden podium rental New York

  Our wooden podiums are the super perfect addition for your presentation or ceremony. They are made from oak and built from solid wood pieces. The quality is unsurpassed. The lecterns are available in a variety of different heights, styles and wood stains. We also rent black podiums. Our services can even include custom modifications to our lecterns such as front HD monitor,  emblems or logos, height and width modifications and more. Well, tell us what more  you need?


Acrylic Podiums & Lecterns

Rent Acrylic Podiums, lucite lecterns, lucite podiums for your stage set designs. AV NYC rental services: Lucite podium rental New York

These podiums feature a modern design that looks great in any contemporary  AV  setting. The acrylic construction  is  fully transparent. This way,  the acrylic podiums keep the focus on the presenters better.  We rent both floor and  table  standing acrylic podiums.   Clients can choose a model that is entirely plastic or has both acrylic & aluminum portions. Either way,  the modern look  will add some flair to your meeting room. Call us now and rent the modern lectern today . 


Truss Podiums & Lecterns

Rent truss style lecterns and podiums for outdoor stage rental at podium rental NYC. AV NYC rental services: Truss podium rental New York

  The  truss  style  lecterns  &  podiums are commonly  used  in  schools,  universities, libraries,   meeting   rooms,   conventions, business  seminars   and   outdoor   event!

AV  Rentals  NYC  has   a huge selection of

black  and  silver   metallic   podiums   and contemporary  lecterns  and   rents   them

for  affordable  prices.   All  our  inventory podiums,   lecterns  are   made  with   high

quality  craftsmanship  and  some  can  be rented  with  installed  sound  systems.


With any further questions about podium reservation or any special event equipment request, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail to info@podiumrentalsnyc.com or call our hotline at  212-464-8754

Events staging and corporate audio visual services

Podium rentals, stage lighting and sound, AV podium & lighting installation for a NYU complete with a 100% LED lighting Event stages, stage and lighting rental, podium rental: AV NYC podium and lighting setup for the NYU completed with a 100% LED lighting & clear podium
Clear podium with microphone 52'' LED monitor on floor stand with connected laptop on the shelf and PA system setup. Tradeshow podium and stages for rent in New York City

AV NYC, Inc. can help you manage each and every detail of your event, whether it's a large scale business conference, or a family ceremony. We produce, install and manage all aspects of the audio visual needs of any event from private to multiple location corporate conventions. We specialize in providing AV services for meeting organizers, event makers and corporate presenters both domestically and internationally, for a full range of events. We work with you to improve the tactic that will best realize your goals and convey your business message. Whether you need AV NYC simply to rent AV equipment for your public relation project, or whether you need us to go further and to handle the all technical aspects of your event, we handle it all. And we always strive to exceed your expectations. AV NYC will create your next positive experience. We can design and build a cost effective presentation system that you can use at your event with maximum outcome and make the pinnacle event. At AV NYC we are constantly challenging ourselves to bring our technical knowledge for our customers. We keep up to date with the latest audiovisual and lighting technologies so you don’t have to. We constantly invest in our rental inventory for large scale commercial AV production equipment including staging and trussing. This allows our firm to offer newest audiovisual technology to the rental market at rates that fit every event investment. Superior display images and clear, crisp sound are our business standard, no matter what your budget. When you're looking to make an impression, we can make your set dazzle! Our experienced team can produce exactly the look and feel you want for any type of event.  We deliver custom audio and visual rentals, special events lighting with Led stage lighting systems, projection design at prices that will keep the bookkeeper smiling. So, the first step is to get a quote to help you arrive at the best balance of convenience, presentation and budget. Call us for AV rentals, latest audio visual technologies, portable stage platforms, presentation podiums, conference stage sets, custom stage and stage lighting rentals. Contact via phone or email us to get more details. We look forward to working with you to make your event a huge success!

Our recent Lucite podium setup for the New York Cosmos AV presentation. AV NYC Lucite podium at Cosmos event


You can pick up and return your podiums or portable platform stage yourself or we can handle it for you. And you can set-up and take down podiums and event stages or we can do it for you. In fact, we can even operate your AV equipment during your event if you choose. To get your podium rental quote, you can either submit rental request online by clicking any "Order podium now" button on this page or call 212.464.8754 for any podiums and lecterns. Our Rental Services staff stands ready to provide you the very best podium rental solution for your budget and what you are trying to accomplish. Our NYC delivery team with decades of combined experience will be on site, on time to deliver a beautiful end product. And remember, our podium rental service can be combined with a stage lighting and sound, and projection system for any type of indoor and outdoor event. Call us for portable stage platforms, presentation podiums, tradeshow podiums, conference stage sets, custom stage backdrops and stage lighting rentals.


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